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There was a Girl…

alok verma

There was a girl who was my friend
She lived in my heart at the deeper end
She was the fellow to whom I cared
Betwixt us all sentiments were shared
Her eyes were beautiful just like sea
I knew she felt best with me
I can’t forget her for a while
And yes she got a lovely smile
She was different, she was descent
And of course quite innocent
Things were obvious nothing to hide
She was my friend, she was my pride
We were very close, we were very clear
The world’s apart, we were very near
Yes I liked her with all my days
She was best for me in all her ways
Only for her my sentiments were raised
But one day she told me that she is engaged.

10 thoughts on “There was a Girl…”

  1. hey Alok…i think i have read this bfr also…probably in usual u write beautifully, i love it everytime i read it……keep up the gud work…CHEERS!

  2. Hey..this is first time ever I visited ur I must say amazing collection of poem's..I alwaz knew u r gud at writing bt soo gud that I came to know after reading only..wish to read more lovely poems…Keep it up buddy…

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