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WeTransForm Wednesdays | Stories that Inspire | Adam Thompson | Episode 2

  • Alok 
We Transform Wednesday

This is a series of candid conversations with those who transformed. We bring inspiring first-person stories of those who faced the change and the challenges that come along with that.

We have Adam Thompson with us in this episode. Adam is best known for his success with Australian rock band Chocolate Starfish. With Adam at the helm as the band’s iconic front man, Chocolate Starfish earned two Top 10 singles and two Top 5 albums, with Gold and Platinum album sales for their self-titled debut.

This album spawned their number one hit, “You’re So Vain”, and Top 5 hit “Mountain”, and earned them an Australian Music Award for Most Popular Album of 1994. In 2000 Adam created MusoMagic, a platform that breathes life into mission statements and values by facilitating large scale team song creation. Teams in Tune for companies and Outback Tracks for Indigenous communities are examples of successful brands under the MusoMagic umbrella.

During the pandemic, Adam has reinvented his processes online, with  Stay Tuned, which focusses on providing businesses and individuals coaching to deliver  a consistent, professional presence for leaders in the virtual domain.   Adam joins us today to provide stories and valuable perspectives  around transformation and reinvention. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~





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