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I am beautiful, so are You…

  • Alok 
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It’s been a friendship of almost 5 years now. So deep so connected and so magical. Siddhi will be turning 5 today, April 17th. It’s been an amazing journey with you so far. We played, we laughed and we cried together. Our life is completely changed since you came, and changed for good. In the rush of life, we sometimes miss the smallest, important moments and emotions of life. You make sure we don’t miss them anymore. You have made our love life like never before. There is so much we learn every day.

God has blessed you with charm and beauty and you make everything so beautiful. But a recent incident made me realize a very different paradigm.

It just happened after our recent trip to Goa in the last week of march. We had a ball of a time playing in sea, making sand castles and going for Island cruises. All this fun brings a very obvious effect other than fun. All of are us are quite well tanned. Siddhi and Mrinalini(my wife) were looking a bit like from Mars ( the red planet). And I almost turned to a brinjal. This is what happens to me after UV exposure. I tan pretty bad. 

So back home ​I just teased Siddhi while she was getting ready for going out. I said,

“Do you notice Siddhi, after returning from Goa we are not looking the same. You are not looking beautiful.”

Siddhi paused of a couple of seconds, inspected well in the mirror and said, “But why?”

I continued, “See something has changed, isn’t it? We don’t look pretty anymore”

Siddhi – “​Papa you are not right, I look beautiful. See I look so pretty in mirror (indicating her face)

Me – ( Hiding my smile) “Hmm, I see, but how are so sure?”

Siddhi – ​”Papa, I don’t need to be sure, I know it”

Now I paused for a moment, that moment of amusement turned very reflective all of a sudden. I was joking but she was not. She was very serious when she said that, it’s so simple – I know it!

​Simple… really? if it gets so simple to be self-aware and self-confident. The whole issue of low esteem and depression word disappear

​So, after a little pause, I told her, “I am go glad to see that you know for sure that you are beautiful. Even after getting red in Goa.”

Siddhi – “It’s not only me papa, you are also beautiful. Look in the mirror” ​

Now, this was tough for me, for most my life I have looked in the mirror to see the “average me”. The guy who was once suffering from pimples for few years and hated his face. Followed by a man who has been overweight for quite some time.

Yes I saw motivation, confidence and me in many forms. But I never found me “Beautiful!”

​However I cannot ignore the command of my princess, so I followed her and looked in the mirror. She repeated, “Look Papa – you look so beautiful”

​Me – “Really?”

Siddhi – “Yes, and Mom is also so beautiful, so is Daadi “( grandma )

Me -​ Who else?

Siddhi – “All my school friend’s and also my Ma’am. She is also beautiful.”​

It was much larger than I thought. It was not her self-awareness and confidence. It’s the way my toddler is looking at the world around her. Everybody is so beautiful in it

I remember the words of Nobel Laureate – Kailash Satyarthi, “Childhood means simplicity, look at the world with the child’s eye – it is very beautiful”

Children come so evolved compared to us the adults at sometimes. Such a simple thing is so difficult to seek our attention. Simple fact that, We All are Beautiful.

We are made with so much love and care of our parents and the god above. How can we be not beautiful. Ask any mother how her child looks, and you will get the answer. ​

Imagine the world where we all feel as beautiful as Siddhi? The whole problem of inhibition will not exist. I am wondering what would happen to the splurging business of cosmetics and beauty clinics.

On your 5th Birthday, I want to thank you Siddhi for showing what “being beautiful” means and helping to share this reflection with other.

You will understand this post after a couple of years…

I am looking forward to you to learn more now – Happy Birthday!!​

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