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  • Alok 
alok verma motivational speaker

Waves, the forceful, chanting waves curious and eager
Gives us the courage to fight the danger
The Gigantic effort can make a person rise to Zenith
Making him World’s Greatest Personality
The best examples are the Waves
The beautiful PictureS
cape of Mighty
They never care for others and provide laborious efforts
In spite of the full chance of getting hurt
Some individuals may address it as foolishness and an urge to succeed
But stagnancy removes the taste from life and to the dullness, it can lead
When God has acquainted us with this skill
Then why shouldn’t we rise as high as the cloud?
So that all should gaze with astonishment And we may look Different from Crowd
Many impediments, many hindrances lie in our path but
Warm bloodiness and courage is youth’s fashion

As ultimately it can only fulfill our Imagination.

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