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Bhagwaan Ji Pranam Kyon nahi Karte?

  • Alok 
siddhi verma, alok verma

Children take everything in a very different fashion. Their understanding of our world is not so different from what an alien goes through in the PK movie of Aamir Khan. Siddhi never misses to surprise us every week with something so evolved or impressive or shocking. She is learning every day and learning very fast.

The most beautiful truth about her is that for her everything is true. She is too young to understand anything else, so we ensure to be careful while sharing anything in front of her. Because she will copy and enact it in no later than a couple of moments. With her growing communication ability, she is using all her time in bombarding us with her questions. And they are about everything from the words she doesn’t understand the things which are confusing. Some interesting ones came when we recently went to Siddha Bali Hanuman temple in Kotdwar last week.

alokverma.inMandir mei shoes kyon nikaal ke jaate hai? ( Why we take off shoes outside the temple?)

Bhagwaan ji ke ghar ghanti kyon bajaate hai? ( Why we rang these big bells in god’s house?)

Pandit ji tika kyon lagate hai? ( Why the priest is applying the saffron color on our forehead?)

And the best one came when she joined her hands and did Pranam ( Namaste ) to the god’s idol and came back to me with eyes full of tears saying,“Bhagwaan Ji Pranam kyon nahi kar rahe?” ( Why the god is not responding to my greeting by doing the same?)

I am still wondering how to answer her question. For her, Hanuman ji is so real and so much around her every day. Every time she is taught a lesson, she is told that Hanuman ji will be angry or he will punish her for the more serious ones. Hanuman Ji is also responsible for removing many things which she loves, he has taken quite a few responsibilities of vanishing that extra chocolate or Jems. Sometimes even some crayons when she starts nibbling it from behind.

Now she has a point that the Hanumaan ji who is so actively involved in her life should at least respond to her greeting… 🙂

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