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  • Alok 

One day I was sitting alone in my room

A day of June in the afternoon

The windows were closed to stop the Loo

My Air cooler was shouting on I don’t know who

Betwixt all those noises a silence was spread

A silence so haunting as someone is dead

All at once, I heard a knock on the door

Although I was not willing I step on the floor

But when with my dizzy eyes I looked out

I found no figure small or show

Only sight seen is flying dust

The only sound heard is singing gust

I felt angry with someone

Either he has knocked for purpose or in fun

I shut the door and returned my place

I don’t know why but I touched my face

I tried to go back to that silence again

But my efforts to get the lost peace was in vain

I discovered that I was not all alone this time

As I felt a touch on my spine

Yes, it was something that touched my soul

Which made my body tremble on a whole

But with time I understood that gu

To know him more I closed my eye

But unfortunately, I fell asleep

And grabbed by dreams which were very deep

I saw in my dream that someone is in danger

Yes, he was my acquaint not a strange

But what came next is in confusion

No, this is not the last conclusion

At seven in eve, I heard a knock again

This time it was a lad from another lane

The hot news he gave me made me as cold as ice

I lost in the afternoon someone who was very nice

One who had a friendship bond with me as hard as a rock

Was taken away far by an electric shock !!

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