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3 Lessons from Dhoom 3 – Movie Review with learnings

  • Alok 
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Dhoom 3 (Movie) came after a long wait from the stable of Aamir Khan, and with what a justification of talent, showmanship and stunt. The movie did great overall on box office and audience around the globe loved it. However this is not another Dhoom 3 review. While I went to see the movie with my family, I came out of Cinema hall thinking of some very interesting things from a team point of view. The movie has some hidden messages all the teams should learn and reflect. I find some examples from famous movies to work as effectively as any corporate story. Sharing 3 visible lessons from Dhoom 3 here. For those who have seen the movie it would be easier to relate to the movie scene examples, for others I will give a small brief of the scene I am referring to…

Give Talent a Chance

in the first flashback scene, we see Aamir’s father, owner of “The Great Indian Circus”, begging in front of the bank representative to extend his lease and believe that they have something astounding to offer to the viewers. However the bank turns a cold shoulder to this request and ceases the Circus.

dhoom 3

This defeat leads to the suicide of Aamir’s father. While this is a movie script and they definitely wanted a strong reason for Aamir to turn the bad guy, it leaves an interesting thing for us to observe. Sometimes in our work we make some judgements to quickly, some leaders are in such a rush to succeed that they overlook the talent in the team. We miss to give enough opportunity to a talented resource as he failed to perform due to some reasons. While it is not the right strategy to keep the wrong person in the bus for long, as it can demotivate other performers. It gets very important for leaders to ensure they have given enough change of seats to get the right fit before asking the person to get down the bus.

Practice for Perfection

While we witnessed some jaw dropping stunts in the movie, there must be definitely some very able special effects guys behind it. It takes a lot of practice for even a stuntman to get it right, even when they have a battery of special effects. Practice comes out as a visible differentiator between average and awesome. This is such a visible fact, being reiterated from ages but still how simply we miss it sometimes. Many a times we find people around us come so unprepared. Be it meeting, reviews, client meeting or even social gathering for that matter. A visible take away from the movie is to never shy away from practice.

Give Time to Dreams

in the movie Aamir had a dream to bring the bank down, which was the reason for his father’s death. Though it’s quite a negative dream to have; however I call it a big dream, as bringing down a Bank is not a kid’s play. He gives it time, time till he grows big from a young child who just lost a father. He practices, he plans, and he waits with patience to let his dream come true. And finally one day he brings the bank down. If we look around us we will find many people with extraordinary dreams, but how many of us give it the time and effort needed and wait to see the dream come true. In this jet age, sometime we get to such a speed that we want everything to happen in a click. This leads to failure and disappointment in the shorter run leading to the cease of that dream forever. We can learn from the movie to let the dream live within us and give it enough time to realize.

Do you find some other learning from this movie or any other recent ones? Please share…


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