Write Your Destiny

With whole heart of courage
Step in your future life
It’s not the bed of roses
Its an edge of sharpen knife
Life is full of adversaries
Quite often we don’t get fruits
You will never win by crying on things
You have to reach the roots
Don’t get tired by doing your work
Find the comfort in strain
A labor done by whole heart never goes in vain.
Never get dishearten by failure
Still your boat can sail
There is no one in this world that will never fail?
Don’t get exploited by anybody
You are in period of youth
And if you want a healthy life
Take the side of Truth.
Never leave your Books
They are immortal earning
The greatest men in world
Never give up learning.
Always try to be perfect
Thus you can make up your mark
Like the stars at evening
You will shine in dark.
Try to follow the tips of mine
They will change the world you view
And be assured one day
Your Destiny will be written by you.

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  • Shishir June 8, 2006 at 6:07 am

    Its a great composition. It gives inspiration to go-on in life


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